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Electric Bikes and the Law

Electrically assisted bicycles are Road Legal in the UK but have to follow some rules shown below:  

  • The motor rating is not over 250 watts continuous power output 

  • Powered speed does not exceed 15.6 mph 

  • Riders are aged 14 or over  

There are no legal requirements for Insurance, MOT’s or Road Tax provided the bikes meet the requirements outlined above. The same rules and recommendations that apply to cycles, apply to electrically assisted cycles for use on the road.  Wearing a cycle helmet is recommended, but not a legal requirement. 

Peace of Mind

We do not sell “bikes in boxes” unless requested as we are very keen to give you ease and enjoyment.

An electric bike needs to be assembled correctly. Brakes and gears adjusted, torque settings checked and adjusted, all other critical components checked as well as the bike being test ridden.

Only then do we feel your bike is ready for you.

This is all carried out for you in our Bristol workshop. All e–bikes from our shop are also backed up with a FREE first safety service!