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What are you doing to cut your carbon ?

With COP26 being the very current conversation, we are all aware of the need to do our bit to help cut carbon on the planet
So here is something for you to consider. If you do a regular journey of 10 miles or less – and most of us do, whether to work, school or just getting around
Why not do it by Electric Bike?
Think about the alternatives –
• Car – polluting, traffic jams, expensive, frustrating and expensive parking charges
• Bus – Unreliable, expensive, Covid safe ??, polluting
• Bike – Bristol hills, need to change , positive for health and cost, pollution free
• Electric Bike – Made for Bristol hills, low cost running, healthy, easy to park and FUN
Atmosphere Ebikes saw the light some 15 years ago and are dedicated to this transport option for all. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to tailor the right bike for you.
We do not sell online, what we offer is the correct service to make your ebike experience the best possible.
We build your bike, adjust it and test it – then we tweak it to ensure it fits you correctly. We also offer a free safety check on your bike which allows us to re-tension all those essential parts and make sure your bike is safe to use. We don’t agree with selling you a “bike in a box” where you have to assemble and adjust it yourself or box it back for an expensive return should you have a minor problem.
Did you know? - Bristol has one of the highest number of cycle paths in a city in the UK – making it easier to get from A to B safely.
We have 1000’s of customers who have already changed their mode of transport.
Don’t you think it’s time for you to seriously consider the future for you and our planet?
Contact Atmosphere Electric Bikes in Bristol – www.electricbikes.org.uk or call 01179087153