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Electric Bike Sales 
Atmosphere Bikes was one of the early specialist electric bike shops to be established in the UK. We have years of experience and knowledge in both the sales and servicing of a wide range of e-bikes including Wisper, Raleigh, Oxygen,KTM, Batribike,Juicy and Solex amongst others. Giving you one of the most comprehensive selections in the UK. 
Our approach is personal service and will assist you from the initial decision on the right model, right through to setting it up and servicing it for you. 
Why Buy an Electric Bike? 
Having an electric bike means that you can enjoy cycling and forget all the hard work. As long as you are able to ride a pedal bike, then a battery powered bike is simple to use – you can use good old pedal power when you want to but it also enables you to get up hills with ease and at a safer speed than a normal bike.  
This means you can from A to B quicker, keep up with the faster cyclists in your family or arrive at work feeling fresh after your commute. 
The electric bike is also a cost effective and greener alternative to other motorised transport - more or less emission free, it does not add to urban pollution in cities. 
NEW LAUNCH of UK Built Oxygen MTB 
Special offer for the launch of this great new bike - 
£300 OFF So only £1299 for short time only 
Atmosphere Electric Bike Festival - Bristol 2012 
All bikes Fully Assembled and tested for you 
For best enjoyment an electric bike needs assembling correctly, brakes and gears adjusted and fully tested so your bike is ready to go. Ideally, if you are able to visit our store in Bristol, we will assemble and check it for you. All e–bikes from our shop are also backed up with a FREE first service. 
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