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Electric Bike Sales in Bristol 
Who are we ? 
Riding an E bike is simply the best way to get around - we love them. 
Atmosphere Bikes is a dedicated electric bike shop that really knows its stuff and has been here for 10 years 
We offer you 
Personal advice – it is important to match the right bike, right technology and right price for you 
Big range – of fully tried and tested bikes that we have specifically picked 
Knowledge – we have many years of experience from the early electric bikes to the latest high tech crank drive models 
Fantastic test route – we have some of the most testing hills in Bristol right outside 
Dedicated workshop – all we do is electric bikes and have specialist equipment for testing . We keep up to date with the latest training 
Free Parking - free 30 minute parking or extend your visit for £1 per hour 
We recognise that many people, when starting to look into the electric bike world, find it confusing and are desperate for sensible advice. That is where we stand out as we are determined you get the right bike for your journeys 
Atmosphere Bikes was one of the earliest specialist electric bike shops in the UK and are still amongst the largest out there 
We are proud to help develop the use of electric bikes as an everyday transport option as well as for weekend fun .What better way is there to get to work, commuting could not be easier 
So drop in and see what is right for you 
All bikes Fully Assembled and tested for you 
For best enjoyment an electric bike needs assembling correctly, brakes and gears adjusted and fully tested so your bike is ready to go. Ideally, if you are able to visit our store in Bristol, we will assemble and check it for you. All e–bikes from our shop are also backed up with a FREE first service. 
Why Buy an Electric Bike? 
Having an electric bike means that you can enjoy cycling and forget all the hard work. As long as you are able to ride a pedal bike, then a battery powered bike is simple to use – enables you to get up hills with ease and at a safer speed than a normal bike.  
This means you can from A to B quicker, keep up with the faster cyclists in your family or arrive at work feeling fresh after your commute. 
The electric bike is also amazingly cost effective and greener alternative to other motorised transport - and who has to worry about parking ? 
Gtech Electric Bike
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De-restricted electric bikes – The Facts 
Can only be ridden off-road, on private land and with the permission of the land owner. 
Riding on the road - in the eyes of the law, will be treated as a motorised vehicle and will have all the implications of registration, insurance, licencing etc. Will make you responsible for any safety and legal matters 
Will invalidate any bike warranties - Atmosphere does not condone any form of de-restricting and actually find our bikes work really well without all this bother 
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