KTM E Cross P Review 

In March of this year I decided to swap my trusty old BH E-motion Neo cross for something with a bit more range and slightly more up to date. I of course returned to Atmosphere who gave me brilliant service on my previous 2 electric bikes (my first being a Wisper). Alistair understands my abhorrence to carry out even the most basic of maintenance (thanks Alistair for all the puncture repairs). 
I discussed with Alistair my desire for something with more range, knowing me better than I know myself, he recommended I try a couple before I jumped in, and as usual he knew my likes better than I did and I switched from my original choice to the KTM E Cross, which flew up Jacobs Well road and takes me daily from the centre of Bristol to the top of Black Boy Hill. 
I am delighted with the KTM E Cross P, to which as always I added a carrier and mudguards, as I commute to work and ride to meetings all year round in a work suit, so no sweaty backs or splash backs please. My daily commute is quite short, only 2 miles each way, however the return journey is basically a 2 mile hill climb, not something I am particularly in the mood for at 7 in the evening on a winter’s night, hence the electric. Normal electric bikes run at 36 Volts – this KTM runs at 47V, providing huge amounts of power for hills, it is great to ride hugely enjoyable. 
Now the BH was a good bike in its own right, however the KTM for me is a better bike, it has great build quality, it is very smooth with a great range and great finished, which makes me feel it will better survive the British winters. I mostly use the bike in Auto mode and that works perfectly. The on board computer is intuitive and easy to read, information includes; level, speed and estimated range left, extremely useful when deciding if it is time for a recharge. 
Overall I am very happy with the bike, and happy to be arrive at work perspiration free. Thank you Atmosphere for another great bike. 
Henry - Bristol 
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